Joshua P. Flowers

I'm a graphic designer & illustrator residing in the great city of Lexington, Ky. My passion for art and design started when I was a young lad growing up in the capital of the bluegrass state. I was always drawing and creating whenever I had the opportunity. Later down the line, I decided it was time to further hone my skills and pursue a degree in graphic design. After receiving my degree from Spencerian College, I jumped head first into the working world trying to gain as much experience as I possibly could.  I have worked in the team sports industry for a number of years, all while continuing to work in the freelance arena working with bands, business, and anyone needing custom illustrations or graphic design work.

Being a designer is a pretty all-consuming craft, but since I love it, it never feels like work. However, it is important to have variety in life, and I like to try to live it up as much as possible. In my free time, my wife and I like to travel and get into new adventures. I play guitar in a band and love writing music. I also enjoy a good glass of bourbon, as every Kentuckian should.